Mike Krivka’s Devious Master Plan to forge an unstoppable, irresistible physique like 007….

For the very first time, Bond super-fan, RKC Team Leader, and CrossFit coach, Mike Krivka brings his years of expertise to the table to design what Dan John has called “…the most unique approach to programming since the advent of split training.”

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In this ultra-unique PDF volume*, you will find:
  • A Preface by DAN JOHN!
  • The plans for creating your own clear-cut, personalized step-by-step for physical excellence
  • Incredibly valuable programming guides
  • New and effective exercise variations
  • Enjoyable Bond trivia with every workout – to distract you from the brutality!
  • Loads of extras to boost all aspects of your kettlebell training

These 24 unique workouts were inspired by the movies we all know and love… And they’re aimed to fire us toward the secret agent abilities we all covet.  Resilience, strength, mobility, tenacity…  and of course looking great in formal eveningwear.

Many say RKC and CrossFit can’t work together… Mike Krivka  blasts through that unimaginative misconception, with these intelligent and powerful workouts.   Even better, his clear cut programming guidelines will have you or you training group well on the way to excellence with no confusion.  The pathways are clear cut—while still allowing for your lifestyle and imagination.

007… Women want him, men want to be him.  No matter where you stand, there’s no denying the irresistible allure of the Bond legacy.

Listen to a podcast interview with Mike Krivka all about Code Name: Indestructible: click here to download the MP3 podcast and enjoy it on the go!

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Pat Flynn says:
“It’s quirky, it’s fun, and most importantly — it’s effective. Michael Krivka, one of the industry’s leading authorities on kettlebell training, has meticulously crafted a marvelous, no BS approach to strength and capacity. Rarely will you find such a fitness product as well presented, readable, and applicable as this one. Krivka’s love for strength is evident on every page.”

The Chronicles Of Strength
Killing It With Kettlebells


Steph Myers says:
“The James Bond theme of this book is a lot of fun!  But what I really love is the wealth of information in between the trivia!  Michael shares his knowledge of programming, planning, technique, and numerous workouts in an easy to digest way. The workouts are very simply written and easy to follow, and, the best part, TESTED on real clients by one of the top fitness experts in the industry (Mr. Krivka himself)!  Naming the workouts with a James Bond theme is brilliant, in that it helps with remembering them.  I am looking forward to learning and using many of the ideas from this book, both in training myself and with clients.  So, Die Another Day!   But today, Read…Learn…Do it!!!”

Steph Myers, SFG
Myers Team Fitness


Judi DeMuro says:
Hi Michael! I am not great at writing reviews or sometimes getting what I am thinking on paper or this case in cyberland…. From my reading and understanding on the training principles you have laid out first and clear most is the decision to make this training protocol work for you. As stated “you’ve got to make the decision to succeed” the consistency of sticking to doing the work on your designated training days as described ie five on two off, three on-one off make it realistic. Waving the workouts is brilliant, it’s simple if you want to be good at something you must practice repetition after repetition. Keeping track of all your workouts is a must. The workouts given are a variety of joy, challenge and victory when noting the strength and technique you will develop following this protocol. After applying all the principles in this manual and doing the work you will have no problem fighting Jaws and the pilot for the remaining parachute!!! Well done I say Mr. Michael A. Krivka!!!

Ryan Miller says:
Mike Krivka is a consummate professional instructor.  I have completed several kettlebell and body weight seminars with him and found this book to be a tremendous review and reference point for my training going forward.  Mike opens the book with a well thought out and clearly defined explanation of intensity and how to program the workouts into a weekly schedule.  He goes on to give clear-cut directions for each workout including an explanation, equipment required, and a specific protocol to follow.  The movie trivia bites swept me back to lazy Saturday afternoons watching James Bond marathons with my Dad and I found myself thinking, “Huh; I didn’t know that” over and over again!  The appendices in the back of the book provided a further glimpse into the benefits and mindset required to get the most out of your kettlebell training.  I would unhesitatingly recommend this book to anyone with a basic understanding of the movements that is looking to shake up their training and have a little fun while they do it!
Strong Point Crossfit


Melody Schoenfeld says:
If you are looking for a creative new twist on your training from a guy who knows what he’s talking about, look no further than Michael Krivka’s “Code Name: Indestructible.”  Michael knows his stuff better than just about anyone I know, and this book implements sound kettlebell technique and other multi-joint movements in a format that will leave you strong, sweaty, and smiling.  Whether you want to be shaken (but not stirred) or better than a Bond Girl, this is a killer program no aspiring spy should be without.  Enjoy!


Liz Matino Gilinger says:
Ok woke up early today, so I finished the book again, LOL.  So glad I read it through a second time.  FUN, FUN read.  First of all, the content is EXCELLENT – you really explain things that are in an ‘easy to read and understand’ mentality.  Second, I like the trivia after each workout – it keeps the read interesting and keeps you reading through the whole book.  Third, it is NOT boring, LOL.  Actually this is important really, I enjoyed reading it and read through it quickly because it kept my interest.  Fourth, you really did give a lot of info and tips with some really nice workout examples. VERY, VERY nice job my friend.  I am very proud of you and know this will be a wonderful first book for you – wishing you all the best success.

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